Yost Drilling’s policy, and the first consideration in the conduct of our work, is to protect the health and safety of employees and the public, and to conserve and to protect property and the environment.  It is our absolute conviction that:

1.     Safety is our moral and legal responsibility.

2.     Safety and healthful work is more efficient and effective.

3.     Accidents and injuries are unnecessary.

 We accomplish accident and injury-free work by providing vigorous leadership by a safety team that is highly visible throughout our organization. Sound supervision of work operations and personnel and proactive efforts to anticipate hazards are always paramount in our priorities. 

 We also conduct our work in compliance with healthful work practice requirements as introduced in new hire orientation, reinforced in regular routine safety meetings, and emphasized through direction from supervisors.  

Carrying out our work in a hazard-free manner in accordance with established safety policies is a key factor in our performance, and one for which we are each accountable.