On July 24, 2002, nine coal miners in Somerset County, Pennsylvania became trapped 240 feet underground…

77 hours later, they were rescued via a shaft drilled by Gene D. Yost and Son Rig #18. 

Yost Drilling is extremely proud of our connection to this historic event seen around the world. 

We would like to share the story of the nine miners and all of the heroic individuals who took part in their amazing rescue

The nine miners from the Quecreek Mine accident.

The nine miners from the Quecreek Mine accident.

The Nine Miners: 
Order in Which They Were Rescued: 
1st: Randy Fogle 43 
2nd: Harry B. Mayhugh 31 
3rd: Tom Foy 51 
4th: John Unger 52 
5th: John Phillippi 36 
6th: Ronald Hileman 49 
7th: Dennis Hall 49 
8th: Robert Pugh 50 
9th: Mark Popernack 41


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